Sunday, January 29, 2012

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my nephew's first hockey game....... the monster bag of cotton candy 
for various reasons i've had to do a lot of traveling lately....while traveling can be fun or miserable ...depending on where you are going and why......going somewhere is an opportunity to try new restaurants or indulge in some celebrated favorites.
let's start with vegas. this was my first visit....really the food is pretty much the only thing i liked in vegas....not being a gambler or smoker and even though i love to is not the best place to find a bargain.  we sampled payard pastries...YUM...bobby flay's mesa grill at ceasar's palace  specifically the yucatan chicken taco and iced tea with some kind of honey syrup, best iced tea ever.... highly recommended.
deconstructed taco's with a peanut bbq sauce so good
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another highlight of the vegas experience was thomas keller's bouchon at the venetian
warm french bread, with butter and hot pistachio's um... what an awesome idea

wonderful cheesy onion soup
field greens with goat cheese and herbs de provence

croque madame so rich
steak frites and frites and frites
sadly we were so stuffed we couldn't sample any of the dessert' time.

virginia....home to see family.....great adventures in eating, shopping, hockey
shrimp and grits....omg have never had this before !!!!!!
mom took me to her new favorite restaurant The Cove Tavern in williamsburg.....the shrimp and grits were subtly delicious with great texture......  perfectly cooked shrimp, creamy grits and crunchy bacon on top.  I am going to experiment with this in my kitchen.
if you are going to williamsburg va stop at the old chickahominy house for breakfast or lunch ....everything is wonderful.....miss melinda's special with chocolate pie.....every trip i have to have it...for the last 30+ years.

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