stocking the pantry

good olive oil is a must have

fresh herbs always growing on my deck in pots all summer and available at the grocery year round

fresh fruit and vegatables from the farmers market in season and from the grocery year round

only the real thing will do!!!!
it disturbs me that so many manufacturers have misleading labels implying that the contents of the can are italian tomatoes, italian style tomatoes, or san marzano style tomatoes.  these are DOP certified, that means they are from the specific region in italy where san marzano tomatoes are grown.  they are sweet and delicious and not acidy.  they make wonderful sauces and will make people think you are an amazing cook.
they might cost more but if you dig around you can find them on sale for $3 a can....when you do stock will be very happy with the results.

lots of basic spices on the shelf