Monday, April 25, 2011

pork loin roast on the grill for easter of my favorite holidays as a child.  my aunt ethel and my grandmother tilly would make sure i had  a wonderful easter basket full of surprises.  one year tilly bought me big girl patent leather shoes with gold buckles that i actually remember wearing to bed because i could not bear to take them off.   ethel used to do easter baskets like martha......before martha was martha.  yellow and lavender crepe paper wrapped around a wicker basket filled with wondrous goodies.
easter at tilly's 1961 ish (ok that is a scary looking bunny)

 ( tilly kicked it into high gear for every holiday.)  i know now, that she and grandpa had a very modest income...but somehow she put on feast after feast for everyone that showed up.  for easter there was some candy for sure, a ham with candied sweet potatoes and usually a wonderful lemon meringue pie or maybe a cake shaped like a bunny covered in colored kind of sad, but good at the same time to have such wonderful traditions to carry on with my girls....yes the bunny still makes a yearly visit to my house, but these days he brings  grown up goodies like make up and pastel spatulas from le creuset, martha stewart cook books and maybe some swarovski crystal earbuds.
kelsey's blown decorated eggs

  ****  flash forward to 2011 no tilly, no ethel  and no oven....nix the ham.....nada to the rib roast,   no way to do roast i thought i would be smart and do a marinated pork tenderloin on the an idiot i asked for a pork loin not a tenderloin and came away from the butcher with a 4 pound roast  and  NO OVEN.  so i decided to marinate with salt, pepper, olive oil and rosemary...put it in a bag, pop it in the fridge and then do some research on what techniques might work to get the roast done on the the grill.  brit found a web link with some directions....i used my own marinade but tried this technique complete with the roasting rack and smokey bags (i happened to have some weber flavor wood chips)...have to say it worked out pretty well.
recipe after the jump

on the grill....will it work?
it worked! 

4lb pork roast marinated in salt, pepper, rosemary, olive oil in fridge for 3 hours. dry it off ......let it come to room temp and fire up the gas grill....when the grill is good and hot sear each side for 5 minutes....then rig up the roasting rack, get the grill to around 350 degrees place the roast on the rack with meat thermometer set into the thickest part of the roast.  add the 2 smoke packets and shut the grill.  i roasted mine about an hour and a half....took it off when the temp reached 150 degrees let it rest.....and then YUMMY! ( i served it with garlic buttermilk yukon gold mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower....)

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