Saturday, July 23, 2011

visiting the Farmer's Market at Ashlawn Farm, Lyme CT

i woke up early on saturday morning and decided to visit the farmer's market at ashlawn farm in lyme.  it was a beautiful clear sunny hot day and the market was busy!  i parked my car in the hay field with about 40 other cars already there.  the air was buzzing with people catching up with one another, kids, dogs and beautiful scenery.  it almost felt like an old time market day (only with air-conditioned cars and lattes), kind of like the markets you still see in italy. (and they have air conditioned cars and espresso)  what a nice way to start a summer weekend.
things are just getting started on saturday morning at ashlawn in lyme ct
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first i have to walk around and look at what everyone has to sell...then i go back around again and pick out what i want to buy.   i picked out a bakers dozen of butter and sugar corn on the cob, strawberries, blueberries, yellow zucchini, and some parsley.    the corn was fresh and my absolute favorite.  my dad used to pick corn as a kid growing up in mystic for whittle's farm.  he taught me only to buy corn picked that day.  swanky chefs will tell you that as the corn ages the natural sugar turns to starch and the flavor disappears.   there is nothing at all as good as fresh corn,  steamed to perfection served with butter, salt and pepper.  (my grandfather buddy used to put a whole stick of butter on a saucer and roll ear after ear over it.....drove tilly crazy!)

connecticut corn

butter and sugar....the best

yellow zucchini grilled with olive and herbs

i love summer in new england...ok may be not the heat this week....but the rest!

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